Weekend Watches: Banana split

When the classic love triangle trope is re-defined, you get “Banana Split”. Centered around a burgeoning friendship between April (Hannah Marks) and Clara (Liana Liberato) the summer before college. Even though this may be the most prolific friendship either have ever encountered; it is not without complications after April discovers Clara is now dating her ex-boyfriend, Nick (Dylan Sprouse).

“Banana Split” is heartfelt, funny, raw, and brilliant.

This genre is hard to breathe new life into and it certainly doesn’t escape all of the tropes of a romantic comedy but, it is refreshing in that it is not written from the male gaze. Packed with genuine moments of realizations that they have more in common with each other than either of them ever did with Nick, the chemistry on screen between Hannah Marks and Liana Liberato is sincere. “Banana Split” is heartfelt, funny, raw, and brilliant. This movie exceeded all expectations. Available on Netflix. 3.9/5 stars.

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