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What happens when a fast talking, degenerate New York City jeweler gets exposed? In the Safdie brother’s “Uncut Gems” we watch Adam Sandler’s character, Howard, do just that. We want to hate him but we like every other character less – leading us to always be in Howards corner – no matter how fucked up it feels.

Adam Sandler really showed up for this one

The Safdie brothers do an extraordinary job of creating tension from the first scene while never letting go. This movie is built on a series of missteps by the leading man. With a lot on the line, Howard must deliver while trying to find himself out of an increasingly precarious situation with his family and his adversaries.

It is a shame that this movie was snubbed by the Oscar voting body as it was a delight to catch up on. Adam Sandler really showed up for this one. 4/5 stars.

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