2020 Oscar Predictions

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With the Oscars just over two weeks away, it is time for our first annual predictions post. Armed with takeaways from the SAG Awards and The Golden Globes, we will predict the results of some of our favorite categories of the final awards show of the season. There are a lot of nominations that have us excited and some nominations that we are relatively blasé about. 

First, what are we excited about? “Parasite” feels like the strongest contender for Best Picture after picking up a lot of momentum throughout awards season; most recently winning the biggest category of the night at the SAG Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Cast. This is particularly momentous as it would be the first time in Oscars history that an international film has won Best Picture and it feels even more attainable after their history making moment at the SAGs as the first foreign-language film ever taking home the Outstanding Performance by a Cast award. 

Other films that we personally would like to see win the Best Picture Oscar, but likely will not, are “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” or “The Irishman”. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” feels like a stronger contender as it is a film about Hollywood and – as we know – the Academy voting body favors films about Hollywood. 

“The Irishman” – our personal favorite movie of the year – has lost a lot of momentum throughout awards season and, at this point, it feels like its best shot at an Oscar is in the Editing category. 

Speaking of the Editing category, without a nod here, it is highly unlikely that “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” will stand a chance for Best Picture. As, historically speaking, films that win Best Picture are typically always given a nod in the Editing category as well, of which, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was not.

The top contenders to “Parasite” for Best Picture are likely going to be “Ford v. Ferrari” as it is a large studio project or Sam Mendes’ “1917″. The one-take “1917″ is a favorite among all voting bodies and it feels as if it will give “Parasite” a run for its money – even with no editing nod. 

We would be amiss to not mention “Joker”as it has had a great run this awards season;which we, personally, are not particularly keen on as it is a comic book movie and simply not our type of movie. 

as we know – the Academy voting body favors films about Hollywood

Although it is hard for us to get behind “Joker” for Best Picture, after Joaquin Phoenix took home the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role and the Golden Globe for Actor in a Drama Motion Picture, we would be astonished if he did not win the Lead Actor category at the Oscars. Likewise, with Renée Zellweger winning the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role and the Golden Globe for Actress in a Drama Motion Picture, it is exceedingly likely she will win the Lead Actress category for her performance in “Judy”

For Supporting Actor, Brad Pitt has taken home the award at the SAG Awards as well as the Golden Globes and it feels as if voting is in his favor for the Oscar for his part in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. We were happy to see Laura Dern take home the award in the Supporting Actress categories at both the SAG Awards and the Golden Globes for her role in “Marriage Story” and would be just as thrilled if she won the Supporting Actress Oscar. 

It feels like the Director category will go to Sam Mendes for “1917” or Bong Joon Ho for “Parasite”. Again, as excited as we are to see Martin Scorsese get the nod for “The Irishman”, it does not feel as if voting has been in his favor throughout awards season and it feels no different for the Oscars. 

Adapted Screenplay will likely go to Todd Phillips and Scott Silver for “Joker”, but we would be thrilled to see Steve Zaillian take it home for “The Irishman”. Another notable here is Anthony McCarten for the Netflix feature “Two Popes”.

For Original Screenplay, we feel that the top contender here is Quentin Tarantino for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, and deservedly so. 

Lastly, for Cinematography, we are happy to see “The Irishman” and Rodrigo Prieto get the nod, but it feels as if Roger Deakins will win in this category for “1917”.  

We are sure to see some surprises as per usual for the Oscars and we will be sure to follow up with our reactions after the awards!

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